yellow bowl

Among the tips in my Art of the Almost Perfect Potluck story that appears on the cover of the Life and Food section in today’s Austin American-Statesman is this one: If you have to leave a bowl or plate behind, contact the host and offer to retrieve it later. 

Now that I’ve been in possession of this lovely yellow bowl for almost two weeks, I’m thinking I should have added this:  If you leave a bowl at a potluck host’s house long enough for her to grow  fond of it, offer to give the bowl to the host.

OK, maybe that’s not the most gracious solution, but hey, this is a really cute bowl.

“Gripstand” and “Made in England” are printed on  the bottom of  it. There’s a small  crack on the inside, but it doesn’t appear to go all the way through. And even with the crack, it’s still a nice Gripstand bowl.

I have already made several inquiries among potluck guests, but no one has stepped up to claim it. This is your last chance —  if you brought this bowl to my  garden potluck dinner on May 19, please contact me soon, or I’m going to consider it a hostess gift from the potluck gods……